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Our Services

The best service, is a service with personal touch and a lot of passion.

Procurement and Infrastructure

We provide client end to end support and solutions. From purchasing of IT equiptment to deploying a complex setup from scratch.

Web Design

Developing web application is not and easy task. It requires a systematic process from gathering designs all the way to testing. Gazzbayte will make it look easy.


Achieving a successful project closure is what every industry is looking at. Gazzabyte not only deliver, we will hold your hand until you’re comfortabe on your own. Even then we will stalk you.

We’re adventurous!

We have deployed over hundreds of solutions from e-leave system, HR and Payroll, business intelligence and many more. If there’s an idea, we will be happy to explore. Take us to the challenge and we will prove you wrong.

We’ll help you to perform better.

We provide IT Consulting Services which include:

  • Create overview of existing infrastructure (hardware, software)
  • Map out work processes by the various staff groups
  • Interviews with all staff groups about challenges
  • A session with senior management about the direction of the company

We’re with you all the way.

Our experiences are catered to many years of trust, growth and experience.


We’re constantly learning.
Project Management
We advise businesses on clear support and strategies on business critical functions and guide through the process of establishing these functions.
IT Infrastructure
Our job is to find out exactly what you have and ensure it is scaled correctly for your growth.
Web Design & Development
It is not a happenstance, but a process of deliberately ensuring that every aspect of your brand visually establishes and maintains a company standard on how it sells and how it is perceived.
Sales & Business Planning

We’re equip in determining market position and develop strategy. All details are planned before execution.

Let’s Work Together

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